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Mesh Network

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Update time : 2020-05-26 10:39:06

About Mesh Network


The comprehensive nature of Mesh, including the technical characteristics of self-expansion, self-networking, self-management, self-healing, and self-balancing, will definitely become the future development direction of the network.

The convenience of self-assembly
The installation of the Mesh node gets rid of the shortcomings of the previous inconvenience of installation, and only needs to perform the actions of taking out the device and turning on the power to complete the installation. Users can also increase the wireless network signal and its coverage by adding nodes.

Mesh network can be used not only in places where most wired networks can be used, such as common places like enterprises, campuses, hotels, hospitals, etc. But also be used in places where wired networks are difficult to reach, such as large warehouses, ports, and military exercise sites. , Islands, mountains,emergency communications and other application scenarios.

Mesh network is malleable, and the signal can automatically select the best path to transition from one user to another user, and finally achieve the purpose of signal expansion and amplification, increasing its network coverage.

Security & repairability
Mesh networks perform more robustly and robustly than ordinary networks, because it does not only depend on the performance of a single node. In a traditional network, if a relay node has a problem during transmission, the entire network system may not work. If an important node fails, the entire network may also be paralyzed. After the emergence of the new Mesh network, because its node design has multiple propagation routes, even if a relay node is damaged due to problems, its data can also be transferred from automatic routing to an alternate path to continue its transmission process, and the network system will not be Paralyzed due to damage to an important node.

In a traditional single-hop network, the AP is shared by all devices. If multiple devices share the network, it may cause communication congestion, thereby reducing the operating speed of the entire system. In an advanced mesh network, devices can share through multiple paths, so the performance of the system will not be reduced.

The emergence of the Mesh network naturally solves and tolerates the problems arising from the large-scale application of centralized networks.


Mesh network ecology and its application

As the new direction of world network development in the future, Mesh network has the characteristics of decentralization, point-to-point distribution, continuous expansion, and self-management has shown huge development advantages in information transmission. But the locking and application of its value level have not been fully excavated with the gradual improvement of its functionality, that is, its value exchange function has not been realized.
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