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Traditional Internet and its ecology

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Update time : 2020-05-26 10:28:57

The traditional Internet provides a high-efficiency data storage and forwarding mechanism with a central server to provide high-quality solutions for the transmission of information and the exchange of value between nodes. After a century and a half of development, it has formed a real-time, convenient and low-cost information transmission system. The system is built on the Internet platform with a large-scale business ecosystem such as the "Internet economy" and "Internet +", and the central organization undertakes the bookkeeping function to record the value, which promotes the development of the Internet and generates tremendous social value. With the advent of the 5G information transmission network era, the storage of data has skyrocketed. The traditional centralized data interaction mechanism has put tremendous pressure on the data processing center, and the cost has been rising. A new mechanism which processing data in low cost, high efficiency, safe and stable is imminent.

The development of the Internet

Internet has transformed our blue planet into a global village. Internet has passed the stages of PC Internet and mobile Internet, and has been fully developed in the past twenty years.Especially in the era of mobile Internet, it has created the most profitable wealth in the history of human civilization and high-powered giant enterprises were born, such as Amazon, Google, Ali, Tencent, etc.
 At present, Internet has entered artificial and the era of the Internet of Everything, which will further promote the development of social civilization.

Limitations of centralized Internet

However, the limitation of its tree-shaped graphic transmission requires that nodes in two different sizes of local area networks or urban regional networks need to establish contact to form information interaction. First, the information need to be transmitted to the central server in the local area, regional network or wide area network.The information is transmitted to the other end by the physical layer architecture connecting different central servers, and then the information received through the central server in another zone is reflected to the node you want to conduct.

Therefore, the direct problem highlighted by the central server network is that a large amount of bandwidth resources will be wasted among the transmission of each server, and the load rate of the server will increase, which will affect the efficiency of use and cause waste of social resources. At the same time, the central server network centrally stores data through the server and the data center, which will make the data very vulnerable to attacks. On the basis of increasing attention to network security issues, in the network application based on the central server, different components are served which will affect the efficiency of use and cause waste of social resources.A failure of a certain component will cause excessive damage to the entire system, and the fault tolerance system is low.

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